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Outsourcing Web Development: 5 Questions to Ask a New Dev Partner

Posted by Graham Lambertson on Dec 11, 2018

At Seventh Scout, we’ve been on both sides of Dev partnerships. We’ve seamlessly augmented the Dev workforce of larger agencies and clients to help them achieve their goals without making a permanent hire. We’ve also needed Dev partners to help with some of our overflow periodically. With that, we’re very familiar with the vetting process that can help align a potential Dev partnership.

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Topics: Website Design and Development

Managing List Chaos in Your Email Automation Tool

Posted by Graham Lambertson on Oct 23, 2018

If you’ve ever managed an email automation tool, you are among those who know two things to be true:

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Topics: Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Optimize, Inbound Marketing, Demand Generation, Marketing and Sales Technology

Why You Should Hire a Professional to Create Your Business Website

Posted by Graham Lambertson on Oct 8, 2018

Since way way back in the days of Geocities and Angelfire, civilian internet users have been able to spin up a free or freemium website in minutes. However, there were few guarantees when pioneering your own website on these platforms. A couple things you could rely on were ads aplenty – obscuring your cute 1997 content – and ads…..oh, and there were ads.

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Topics: Content Marketing, Website Design and Development, Analytics and Reporting