Digital Marketing During Coronavirus - Metrics, Measurement, Marketing & Money

Posted by Seventh Scout

Is your Digital Marketing working?

Because of the "stay home" orders and the Coronavirus pandemic, Americans are now spending more of our lives online. In our previous webinars, we discussed how to maximize your Digital Marketing in Coronavirus efforts. But how can you tell if it is working? Today's world of online marketing leaves little room for failure and makes way for businesses who work hard to experience success. To truly optimize your digital marketing plan and make gains in your business, you're going to have to understand the importance of analytics.

The third in our series on "Digital Marketing During Coronavirus," our panel of Scouts will share tips and best practices for how to evaluate metrics, measurement, marketing, & money. Simply put, Digital Marketing ROI is how much "bang" you are getting for your "buck." For marketers who aren't into math, some precise formulas and calculations can be used to calculate ROI accurately. Businesses who commit themselves to calculating ROI have the potential for significant financial success. Understanding the importance of digital marketing ROI makes it possible for companies to stop blindly throwing money at their marketing plans and instead, make investments that count.

Join us on for this our online office hours here our team from Seventh Scout will share tips, tricks, and best practices for your Digital Marketing and navigating this difficult time together.

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Date: Thursday, May 7, 2020

Time: 11:30 pm CST

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