Digital Marketing During Coronavirus - Virtual Workshops

Posted by Lynn Yeldell
Lynn Yeldell
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As coronavirus continues and stay home orders sweep the nation and the globe, our agency and our clients are continuing to find creative and innovative ways to continue operations. A vital part of many businesses and brands centers around the ability to conduct workshops and trainings to share thought leadership and promote necessary trainings.


On Wednesday, July 8th, our Seventh Scout team conducted a Virtual Workshop on how to conduct Virtual Workshops. Yes, you read that right! Our team is partnered with one of our clients, COVE, to share best practices and success stories in this hands on workshop.

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About COVE: COVE: Center of Visual Expertise is dedicated to the application of Visual Literacy for industrial and service operations with an emphasis on safety. Leveraging the Toledo Museum of Art's renowned art collection, COVE helps teach close looking skills, create awareness of personal bias and enhance communication skills. In addition to COVE's modular program which helps transfer knowledge, expertise, and awareness of Visual Literacy, they also offer in-person workshops and training that are typically held at the Toledo Museum of Art. With COVID-19 they found themselves having to cancel all scheduled in-person events, client trainings, and on-site workshops. With a significant part of COVE's revenue stream now in jeopardy, they needed to act quick and find a way to adapt workshops and trainings into an online format. With the help of Seventh Scout, COVE now has a virtual workshop offering that allows them to continue engaging clients and delivering a fun and interactive learning experience

Topics: Demand Generation, Thought Leadership, Webinar