Personas Are The Powerful Business Tool You Didn’t Know You Need

Posted by Rhodes Gibson
Rhodes Gibson

Can fake people help boost your business? If you're creating data-driven, goal-centric personas, yes they can! Learning about personas and developing them as a way to create more strategic marketing is a proven way to boost connection with your ideal audience.

Personas are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customer. Companies can have anywhere from 2-20 (or more!) personas that they use to mimic the wants and needs of their clients. Dedicating time to developing personas based around market research such as surveys and interviews is an essential step in creating a marketing plan that doesn't fall flat. Personas can be both negative or positive and come along with an abundance of information that can be referenced regularly. Instead of guessing what your ideal customer wants and needs, learn the facts, and consult a customized persona.

To learn where to begin when creating personas for your brand and how they can benefit your bottom line, crack open our featured EBook How To Create & Use Personas. 

In our featured EBook, you will learn:

  • Why Personas Are Important
  • The Difference Between Negative Personas and Positive Personas
  • How To Use Personas
  • How To Create Personas

This enlightening EBook you will get your creative juices flowing and leave you feeling ready to rock ‘n roll with your new brand personas. Download it today to get started.

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