Front-End, Back-End, What’s the Difference?

Posted by Everett Webre

You’ve probably heard developers use the terms “front-end” and “back-end” development, in fact, you may have been using them interchangeably. Don’t feel bad, the difference can be unclear and confusing, sometimes even for those in the industry. These days, digital marketers have to be able to navigate the landscape of development; knowing these terms and what they mean is the first step towards understanding how websites are made.

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Topics: Website Design and Development, Digital Design, App and Mobile Development

Digital Marketing & Analytics: Which Metrics Really Matter?

Posted by Rhodes Gibson

We live in what’s called the “information age”, and, oh boy – do we have a lot of information available to us? Although this seems like a digital marketing enthusiast’s dream, it presents businesses with a unique problem – among all the information and analytics available out there, which ones actually matter? Is it important to know what your bounce rate is or how many impressions you made on a given day?

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Topics: Content Marketing, Digital Design, Data-Driven Discovery, Analytics and Reporting