Yes, You Need a Social Media Audit. Here’s Why.

Posted by Rhodes Gibson
Rhodes Gibson

Almost every business in 2018 has some sort of social media strategy. For some businesses, it’s a well-planned, financially-fueled strategy that is carried out by a team of paid professionals. For others, it consists of creating a social media profile on a few different platforms and then remembering to post when an idea strikes. And, of course, there are plenty of businesses that fall somewhere between the two on the spectrum.

Whichever strategy your business currently utilizes, there is a definite investment of time and resources. And not just that; you want to know periodically if you even have the right strategy in place. Is everything working as it should be? Do your followers still love you?

That’s why carrying out an end-of-year social media audit is essential.

Not only will a social media audit clarify the ins-and-outs of exactly what you should be doing, but it makes sure that you aren’t spinning your wheels with ineffective strategies. Taking the time to audit your current social media strategies gives you an in-depth understanding of where you stand. And, most importantly, it gives you clear steps to follow to get to where you want to go – whether that’s finally hitting 3,000 followers or increasing your ROI for ad campaigns.

Before you invest any more time or energy into your social media marketing (or tools that promise to get you the results you want) run an audit.

Five Reasons Why You Should Run an Annual Social Media Audit

1. You get helpful feedback to guide your next move. Running an audit helps you see how your current social media content is performing – and why. The why is, of course, the most important because it allows you to actually learn what your audience wants and needs; you don’t just have to guess and cross your fingers. The businesses that perform the best on social media have a solid plan in place – they know who they’re talking to, what they should be saying, and how they should be sharing their message. If you allow an expert to help run your audit, you’ll receive even more valuable feedback.

2. You understand exactly where you’re wasting your time and money. If you’ve been spending any time on social media and aren’t getting the results you want, a social media audit is the best way to understand why. The metrics you get back from an audit reveal why certain strategies aren’t working. This information helps you avoid making the same mistakes over and over, and it helps you pinpoint exactly what you should be doing instead in order to get the results, followers, engagement, conversions, etc. you want.

3. You stay current and discover new opportunities. Social media platforms and the people who are using them are constantly changing. This means that a successful strategy from 2016 isn’t likely to stay successful in 2019. Performing an audit will help you better understand the most successful and proven tactics currently being used by your competitors. It will also reveal new opportunities for you and your business to take advantage of. If you’re spending money on paid ads, then staying in the loop about the latest strategies is crucial.

4. You answer the questions you’ve been asking about how your business is using social media. A lot of marketing teams and businesses spend a lot of time wondering about the best ways to engage their audience on social media. Running an audit is one of the best ways to answer these questions – and with hard data and analytics that can’t be argued. With a little bit of brainstorming, the audit can help you develop a strategy for 2019 – and without overdrafting your account with the next payroll.

5. You get the business case for hiring extra help. For a lot of business owners, trying to handle all of the daily needs of maintaining a social media presence is too much. But, because they know it’s important, many of these owners will hire a social media manager to help. Not all businesses are so lucky. They may only have the funds to hire an intern or they may not have funds at all. Running an audit will give you the data you need for a business case to get you more help with social media. Not just that; it will also support you in saying that social media requires strategy and commitment, and those  can’t be fulfilled alone with part-time help throwing out a few posts a week.

The Case For an Audit

The end of the year is a great time to run a social media audit because you have an entire year of data to analyze. Plus, with the new year ahead, you can take advantage of the motivation you have to help your business continue to grow. Just remember, audits don’t have to be painful. They are meant to help you plan better and plan ahead. Sounds like a friend and not a foe to me.

A social media audit is just one type of audit in the grand scheme of all marketing audits. Read more about why now is the best time to audit your marketing function and where to start. Download our new ebook on How to Conduct an End-Of-Year Audit That Is Worth Your Time. 

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